This Year, Create a Masterpiece

Art is about doing the work that brings immense value to you and those around you.

Each day the canvas is new. Your work is your art. Each day you have the opportunity to create a masterpiece.

So instead of New Year’s resolutions, take a moment and reflect on your 2018. Follow these small steps:

  1. Go through your calendar week by week.
  2. What were the moments that brought you the most happiness?
  3. What were the moments that brought the most happiness to those around you?
  4. What were the events that took you away from your art?

Now take the answers to those questions and make a list.

  1. How will you replicate those happy moments?
  2. How will you minimize those events that keep you from your art?
  3. What projects will maximize your impact?
  4. What projects will engage your strengths?

With these last four questions answered, you’re ready to scope out your next 12 months. Pace out 2-4 projects that you intend to start.

Of those 2-4 projects, you’ll be able to trim down to 1-2 projects. These are the projects that you will complete and deliver to the world.

Goodbye to resolutions, and hello to artistry. Crafting your year with intent, building on your strengths, and doing the work that brings immense value to you and those around you.


Speaking of immense value, Principal Tribe starts today. It’s the vision of Principal Tribe to be a network of future-minded school leaders who create, innovate, and publish in ways that bring immense value to humans.

If this sounds like a canvas you’d like to help paint, I invite you to take a brief quiz here and see if Principal Tribe is a good fit for your 2019.


May you find and create much happiness in the next 12 months.