Start Split Testing Now!

Your data will never be the same. No more guessing. No more misjudgments. No more competitive culture that undermines the collaborative culture you’re trying to build.

Split testing is:

  • Isolating classroom variables that impact student learning.
  • Comparing a teacher to herself.
  • Cyclical.
  • A continuous process of reflection and growth.
  • Also known as A/B testing.
  • Based on “before” and “after” data – growth-oriented.

Split testing is not:

  • Using non-comparable student groups.
  • Muddied with unknown variables.
  • Competitive and combative.
  • Evaluative.

Split testing will be the trend in data analysis for schools in the next five years. It will revolutionize your professional learning and academic growth in your school. I fully recommend starting split testing now.

Here’s a free spreadsheet for AB Testing! Feel free to download and use it as needed.