If Data Were the Solution…

The use of data as a tool and approach to solving educational problems has taken center stage over the past 15 years. Rightfully so.

Technology has increased to the point where data is readily available and easy to process. However, if data were the solution…

  • PISA wouldn’t show flat lines for the United States over the past decade.
  • There wouldn’t be gaps based on students’ family income levels.
  • We would see positive correlations between increases in data usage and student achievement.

But these are not the case. Why is that?

Because data use is sharing the stage with data misuse. Misuses include methods that show false positives and obscure student growth. Misuses of data fail to show us what’s working and what needs to be abandoned.

Instead, here are a few ways to use data to find solutions and highlight impact:

  • A/B Testing (Split Testing)
  • Key Performance Indicators Using Sensitive Data
  • Pre- and Post-Assessments
  • Tools that Show Learning Rate
  • Unidimensional Assessments



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