This Time Next Week

On Tuesday, May 1st, you’re invited to listen to Episode 1 of the new Mafost Mashup podcast – insanely innovative ideas for school leaders.

The first episode is ironically called No Grand Opening. This first (of hopefully many episodes) tackles two sides of the same coin:

  • The pitfalls of initiative hype, and
  • The starting spots for lasting school improvement.

If you workout, like audiobooks on your commute, or just need quick school improvement ideas to stir your insanely innovative mind, this is for you.

No fanfare, just straightforward ideas and strategies for building school culture, valuing your people, and making a measurable impact on learning.

I’d be humbled if you choose to listen. It’s available on iTunes, Google, Google Home, and everywhere great podcasts stream. Just search Mafost Mashup.

I’ll keep you posted.A podcast for principals focused on leading learning and improving schools.