Unidimensional & Sensitive

Apparently, this is the week of big words (see this week’s posts Multifinality and Equifinality) and of big stars featuring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in this week’s podcast.

But there’s a good reason for the big words – they hold meanings that can shape how you lead your people and culture and how you increase your impact on learning.

Unidimensional assessments and sensitive data are among the major ideas in yesterday’s podcast in episode 6 of season 2.

You can listen to it on this post (click here to listen if you’re reading in email). Or listen on Anchor, Google Podcasts, or Apple Podcasts.

With guest audio from Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, this episode of the Mafost Mashup is a heart throbbing take on 3 ideas to make assessment and data a driving force for impact on learning! 

Topics include:
– Moneyball: Managing with Bad Data
– Data Dashboards
– Sensitive Data
– Unidimensional Assessments
– Top Gun, Top-Down Errors
– Reliability for the Practitioner
– Problems with Big Tests
– The Solution

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