When Mistakes Happen

When mistakes happen, own them. You already know this, but it happened to me yesterday.

I made a horrible mistake yesterday. You may not have received the post on The Capacity of Your Property. I really love this post and think it’s critical to analyzing culture data and making school culture shifts.

Listen in on four principals as they share the mistakes they’ve learned from.

However, I noticed it didn’t show up yesterday (yes, I follow my own blog to see what you see). I immediately wanted to blame my server team, the website, the wifi, the ANYTHING! That’s the default response: blame. But the default response is not always an effective response.

I checked and it was my mistake…I marked the wrong publication date. So I figured I could turn this mistake into something good.

Ways to response when mistakes happen:

  • blame
  • shift responsibility
  • hide
  • attack
  • deny

Or simply, own them. It’s not so much the mistake that’s important. It’s how we respond.