A Collaboration on Focus

“Every human being enters each day with a finite amount of mental energy. Once that energy is gone, it’s gone for good.” – Daniel Bauer

This is one of many insightful quotes from a recent collaboration on staying focused as a school leader.

We created this for you as a part of a blog crawl. It’s only the third of many posts, and I’m honored to have been included in the ongoing collaboration.

You are invited to read this recent article, which is full of great ideas including:

  • Tips for maintaining focus as a school leader.
  • The 100 Box strategy.
  • Possible distractions that can occur in school improvement.

“Why is it so hard to stay focused? What are the pitfalls and sidetracks for meeting goals or following through?  How can we make it easier to say no to distractions? What supports can we use to stay focused?”

The post, Staying Focused – Challenges, Benefits, and How To is on the Mafost Monthly Blog, but we also published two other great posts:






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