Networks, What’s the Value?

There’s a theory that predicts the value of a network. In the 20th century, Bob Metcalf invented the technology to connect computers. He created the original network.

Metcalf’s law estimates the value of a network as the square of the number of components. According to Metcalf’s law, a network of 4 computers is significantly less valuable than a network of 5 computers (16 < 25).

Does the same hold true for professional networks? What is the value of your network? Do you contribute to that value? Does the network add value to you?

Is a network of 2 school leaders as valuable as a network of 8 school leaders?

There are many reasons to be a part of a professional network. Among them:

  • Affirmations for your innovations.
  • Fresh insights from other’s experiences.
  • Keeping up with the cutting edge of educational thinking.
  • Being challenged, sharpened, and broadened in your thinking.

Yes, the value of the network increases as the network grows. What’s more, the value of each individual in a network increases likewise.