Sophisticated Problems

The pathway of school leads to sophistication. It’s what schools do. They create sophisticated thought.

For example, it’s not enough just to use the practical register of English, we must master the grammar, the art, and the history of literary works. We spend years learning degrees of sophistication.

And sophistication is good.

Sophistication allows abstract thinking, complex problem-solving, and pushing the boundaries of our current knowledge state.

However, there is one area where sophistication is problematic. School leadership.

Sophistication in school leadership occurs in many places:

  • Sophistication in data analysis.
  • Sophistication in strategic planning.
  • Sophistication in decision-making.
  • Sophistication in curriculum management.

The list could continue.

But unlike our certifications, graduate degrees, and post-graduate degrees required to acquire a position in school leadership, sophistication is not needed to be successful in that position.

Instead simplification is required.

It’s the job of the leader to make the complex simple. It’s the simple that is actionable. And action is the primary responsibility of the leader.

Today’s episode of the Mafost Mashup focused on a simplified data strategy that can revolutionize improvements in schools. If you haven’t listened, I invited you to do so.





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