What is Lead Data?

Lead data are the front-end metrics that cue you about the long-term learning trends in your school. Ideally, lead data is sensitive, meaning it moves quickly in response to inputs (more on sensitive data here).

Why Lead Data?

Lead data is critical for measuring your impact on learning. You can’t measure impact with annual passing rates, graduation rates, or standardized accountability measures. These are all lethargic data designed for large-scale analysis. They occur after-the-fact – they are lag data.

Lead data are comprised of the metrics that tell you whether your actions are creating the impact on learning you desire.

Lead data is like taking your temperature in 15-minute increments after taking a Tylenol. If your temperature is dropping from 103 to 99, then good. If your temperature moves from 103 to 104, to 105, then it’s time for the ER. Lead data helps you predict and adjust.

Lag data is after-the-fact. It’s the coroner’s report.

Knowing the difference is just that critical for your school improvement efforts.


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