Equifinality is the inverse of multifinality. It’s about opening the pathways to results. In this case, a quick sketch may provide more insight than a few paragraphs:

Equifinality - the Mafost Blog for Principals
Equifinality – Many paths, one endpoint.
Multifinality - the Mafost Blog for Principals


In social sciences, equifinality is the idea that similar background experiences lead to similar mental and emotional conditions.

For business management, equifinality is the concept that more than one idea can achieve the same objective.

In school leadership, equifinality grants autonomy over the inputs and focuses on the outputs (as discussed here Failure of Fidelity).

Embracing equifinality as a leadership strategy will:

  • Leave room for innovation.
  • Provide space for creativity in schools and classrooms.
  • Require A/B testing to evaluate inputs.
  • Result in great impact on learning.


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